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This island, only miles off of Turkey’s mainland, sits with a florish of herb bushes, goats and limestone, out of the Aegean Sea. Seriously, there is nothing better than walking through the heat surrounded by the smell of a suave aromatherapy spa, dispersing smells of  “threbee “(savory), thyme, and rosemary which are growing by bushels of the thousands.

This island is a climbing destination for serious sports climbers, limestone crags here there and everywhere, plus a plethora of local eateries and cheap rooms cater to the world climbers. Tim spent the first week taking friends climbing, and with my broken toe I resorted to finding other things to do.

Like kayaking…

The climbing is easy to find, just look up or buy a guidebook on the island. The kayaking is a little more tricky to spot. So i’ve layed out a directional photo map on how to get there.

First – you will need a scooter, bike, or taxi. If you rent a scooter, try to get from Best Moto – the track record for good and reliable scooters is good, plus he will give a detailed powerpoint presentation (almost!) of the dangers on the roads of the island at the current time.

Head towards Emporios which is North on the island from Missouri (the climbing area.)

Dive past Arhi Bay and continue for another 5 minutes or so on the scooter until you see a driveway heading down towards the sea with some spraypaint saying “Cantina”

From there, head down to :

and grab yourself a table and chairs under the dried leaves and let Sathis take care of you. The kayaks are free to use, and you should have a yummy greek salad and drinks to show your support for the kind offer to let you use the kayaks for free.

If you are a climber, and you would like to join Tim on a climbing trip, please visit T E A http://www.timemmettadventures.com/?cat=5

GREEN NOTE!!! Please –  when you are in Kalymnos, bring your CamelPak™ or other drinking bladder and use the spring water well (PICTURE BELOW)  to fill up with. It’s free, saves the world from nasty plastic waste, and will help towards a cleaner future – have you seen or heard of Plastic Island in the Pacific Ocean? If you haven’t you should research it and inspire yourself to change your future to try and not purchase plastic as much as you do – think fabric bags for shopping, buying vegetables that aren’t in plastic (they have there own protective wrapping ) and investing in water bladder systems. ; )

The climbing is amazing.


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