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April 27, 2011



I get to come along on the journey for a getaway into the wilderness.

Helmcken Falls Lodge

When I talk wilderness, I’m talking moose everywhere.

Including in our morning breakfast! Moose BURGER!!! Dry but great with some sauce.

As Tim and Will climbed for 2 weeks Christian Pondella took amazing photos, and Big Up Productions made a film of it, which will premier at the REEL ROCK tour opening in the Rockies (US) come fall 2011.

One of the shots that Christian took, was featured in the front pages of Sports Illustrated during the Superbowl week. Pretty amazing when it’s typically showcasing football, basketball, and big money sports. Well done guys, that’s what you call expanding the envelope, broadening horizons, or pioneering.

While Tim was climbing, I was packing the ski trails with Andrew – the owner of the lodge on snowmobiles! So much fun.

There’s lots of great cross country ski trails that are maintained regularly right outside the lodge. The log cabins are rustic, and you can be feed three meals a day and lodge for $60CDN a day. The hot breakfast comes at a little extra price. But well worth it.

Life is a daring adventure or, nothing at all. – H. Keller

January 19, 2011

||| SASKATCHEWAN ||| Flatlands |||

This is Katie’s homeland. Saskatchewan is Cree (Native Indian Band to Saskatchewan) meaning swiftly flowing river, their original pronounciation was “Kisiskatchewani Sipi.” This flat-landed province is often the butt of endless space-themed comments  such as “oh, Saskatchewan! That’s where you can watch your dog run away for 3 days!”   Yes, tis true that the TransCanada highway runs through the flattest part of the province, but Saskatchewan has tonnes of Golf Courses, beautiful northern lakes that play host to Moose & lots of wildlife, lots of islands, fishing, canoeing, and radical sunsets. The southern region has endless fields, wide rivers, large cut banks, camping, lots of migratory geese in the fall, hunting and glorious night skies.

Northern Saskatchewan

Southern Saskatchewan

Riverhurst Golf Course


Tim, besides my family being there, would have no reason in the world to ever visit this place, for his life revolves around vertical heights. So when I was chumming with some of my Sasky linemen ( working with telephone poles ) friends,  we came up with a cracking idea: Next time Tim visits Saskatchewan, lets get him climbing. Up what? Well watch and see…..

If you happen to travel in the fall, try to live a ‘makeshift day’ in the life of a hunter (if not a real one!)

My parents and I woke up one October morning at about 4:30 am to head to this area about 1 hour or so north from Swift Current to look at some migratory birds. I’ve just written Dad, to get the details of that journey, and this is what he’s said: –

” …. .

It’s on the north side of the river (Lake Diefenbaker) across from Cabri, I think they call that particular section Gallagher’s Bay.  It’s a large, wide bend in the river, and it is a major stop off point for the geese in the fall.  If you catch it at the right time they say it has around 500,000 geese (both Canada’s and snow geese) settled in on the average nite.  They feed in the surrounding grain fields throughout the day and stay up to six weeks.  It’s quite a sight to catch them just before sun-up as they are waking up and lifting off the lake in waves of thousands to go for the early morning feed.  Little do they know the hunters are hiding (min 500 ft off shore) with their shotguns loaded…”

Now, speaking of shotguns. here’s a short film on some Skeet shooting I did at Gordy’s Turkey Farm in Southern Saskatchewan. Skeet shooting is fun, but wear earplugs and watch out for the dogs, then aim at the flying clay pigeons  and try and nail em with your shotgun pellets!! Great fun!

Summer is the best time to visit Saskatchewan. If you’re driving through, take a diversion, and visit the river bank, go fishing, sailing, windsurfing, kite boarding or whatever. But try not to limit yourself to the mission of just ‘getting through’ the province. Remember, sunsets and night skies too…are unlike a lot of places on earth!

January 8, 2011



Get ready. If you like adventures in the mildly cold weather that ivolves ice and snow, then this is the place for you.


1. Powder Mountain Catskiing and Heliskiing

We really can’t say enough good things about this place. Mind you, how can you find enough praise when you are seeking fresh powder in the back country of Canada with RAD means of transportation? This is an experience to be had by intermediate riders on skis or snowboards. It is also a once in a lifetime tick off the “bucket list.” Pick a sunny day if you can, wax your sticks, get your GOPRO’s strapped on a pole & your helmet and get ready to be reborn.

2. Try the Skeleton and/or the Bobsleigh at the Whistler Sliding Center.


This short film is of Tim on the Skeleton Track at the Whistler Sliding Center (Olympic track.)

You get 3 tries for $75CDN. Call the center and sign-up for a go!

There were all sorts of people trying from teenage girls, to bigger men in their 40’s, so….looks like it could be for you?


This short film is of Tim and Kevin Graham on a Bobsleigh, which is the 2 man sleigh. Tim was the break man (back) and Kevin was the driver. There are several different entry points on the ice track, and this particular run was taken from the Olympic Women’s start point. In this film there has been no speed increase in editing; it is in real time. Their top speed was 127KPH! Wow! FAST! Currently the Whistler Sliding Center is working on making the Bobsleigh happen for everyone to try…but not just yet! (UPDATE! It is now available to do: