January 9, 2011



What to do other than beaching

Wakeboarding or waterskiing 


2. Visit the Grotto Bay Resort Caves

For my 34th birthday I envisioned a cave with bubbles. Bermuda’s must see is the caves as they are absolutely stunning and one of the earths finest creation of such.  I recommend visiting the Grotto Bay ones which are near the airport situated under a hotel (called Grotto Bay) and are free to visit. The opening hours are 9 to 5pm and besides having a nice birthday drink in there,  you can also get SPA services within its natural glory – which seems like it could be a unique  treat.

Here’s the video of my birthday in the Grotto Bay Cave —

3. Go Rock Climbing along the Limestone shores cliffs.

Tim, being the rock climber, ended up setting the hardest route in Bermuda for Deep Water Soloing. Such exciting news that there is an article on it in the Bermuda Sun– link here http://bermudasun.bm/main.asp?SectionID=24&SubSectionID=270&ArticleID=49892&TM=53316.93

This is a short film on Tim’s “Spicy Times” climb.

A few other shots of this little island paradise.  

This is the famous “Brig Unicorn” used to film Pirates of the Caribbean. She is here taking a pit stop in Bermuda. Update: Unfortunately this beautiful Finnish ship sank in 2014.