Our life is like living through the episodes of that reality show called “The Amazing Race.” However, there isn’t any competition. We are consistantly venturing to places mostly in part to do with Tim’s profession. Racing around, chilling out, catching some shut eye and then repeat. It has never been anything short of adventurous. Surfing, Climbing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Free Diving, Skeleton, Bobsleigh, Wingsuit Flying, are the many things that Tim especially likes to do. And those are the “SPICY” parts. I have added within the posts of this blog “SPICY” adventures and “SWEET” adventures. You’ll notice with the SPICY rating, there is a side icon of chillies. 4 chillies means it’s extra exciting, and 1 chilly means it’s exciting. With the SWEET rating, if there is a “SUPER” in front of it, it means we thought it was top notch, and a must do.

All in all, this is a media driven blog;  a reduction of our life uploaded into the digital world. I’m proud to share it with you.